The Russian Goverment provides grants for Bachelor, Specialty and Master Degree programs, as well as for PhD programs at Russian federal state institutes of higher education at the expense of the Russian Federation.

To apply, candidates are suggested to pursue the following scheme:

Step 1. Register on and choose a suitable program ( In case of any difficulties when choosing the program, the support service of the website can be contacted via

Step 2. Fill in the profile on your personal account on and the applications to universities. At most universities education is in Russian, therefore, preparatory courses of the Russian language are provided (see point 27 in the application form).

Step 3. Send the application to the University and wait for a reply (which normally takes about three weeks). There is also a possibility of applying to study on a fee basis.

Step 4. Pass a competitive selection (only for those interested in studying in Russia for free). To find out
the terms and conditions of the competitive selection,
applicants are suggested to contact the Embassy of Russia via the following e-mails:,

Step 5. Get a student visa and come to Russia.

Further information on studying in Russia can also be found on (


User guide for candidates