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Digital Experts Association for MLB Breaks Ground in Russia

The Russia's first Digital Experts Association has been established to address digital transformation challenges and support medium to large businesses on their digital journey.

The Association founders unveiled SpinOSa, a unique platform developed in Russia for digital business management.

"The Association's activities are focused on leveraging rich SpinOSa functionality and other digitalization tools to mitigate the negative impact of the pandemic," says Yulia Potyomkina, a member the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

"We are willing to help numerous enterprises and organizations, small and medium businesses, and society in general minimize their losses and damage, and get prepared as much as possible to face another potential wave of the pandemic."

The Association's first priority tasks:

  • develop a methodology to digitize the business and assist owners in setting strategic goals;
  • develop recommendations for change management;
  • arrange consultations by practitioners on digitalization of processes. 

The Association will build synergies among digitalization practitioners at different levels of management - business owners and boards of directors, C-level management, and experts. In some cases, industry segmentation will also occur.

Veronika Gimenez, Digital Experts Association Executive Director, says: "Retail, logistics, and discrete manufacturing were the first customers to have positive economic effect from digital transformation powered by SpinOSa platform. Digital experts have been working on agile product portfolio management, full use of production capacities, increasing retail sales per square meter, stock updating, improving logistics, and better customer experience."

The Association members will get an opportunity to evaluate digitalization benefits for their organizations from getting a basic access to SpinOSa platform.

Attending the Association events where company owners, top managers, and experts share their experience in using this platform and other digitalization tools, will help you plan your own digital transformation journey and set strategic goals.

Manufacturing enterprises, banks, service providers, venture capital funds, startups, the mass media, public associations, and any organizations interested in further improvement are welcome to join the Digital Experts Association and share their digital transformation cases or learn how to gain its benefits.